• Pinch Hold Mug in box

    Pinch Hold Mug


    Maybe you’ve got climbing holds above every doorway to keep up your strength in readiness for those multi day climbs. Or maybe you go to the rocks every now and again just to get out and have fun. Well with a Pinch Hold Mug, even when your relaxing with a cuppa, you’ll be getting a little bit stronger.

  • Passport_RFID_Wallet_22501

    Allett RFID Passport Wallet


    Stop identity theft with Allett’s KeepSafe RFID blocking Technology. Now that RFID chips are imbedded into credit cards, passports and ID cards, identity theft is on the rise. Bring along the RFID Passport wallet and know how it feels to travel with confidence.

  • 20301a

    Allett Traveler Wallet


    Allett. The worlds thinest wallet is what you need to a tour your favorite destinations in style. The Classic Leather Traveler Wallet conveniently carries your travel essentials for work or play.